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I’ve Always Wanted a Blog…

January 26, 2009
Well (like Robert Peston I always start sentences with ‘well’ – I guess no-one will believe he copied me now though Crying), I suppose this is my first blog post. Not that that means much – to me blogs are more about design than content and while I enjoy reading them as much as the next person, I can’t design for toffee. Still, unlike RSS (which I still can’t see offers more than a ‘favourites’ panel and a bit of spare time) I can see why people want to write online diaries.
Don’t go thinking that I am a retired vicar getting to grips with the modern world in my own time, though. I’m a child of the Internet Age (well, I was – at least a teenager – back in the day when it started) and that ‘Morphaniel’ monicker has been following me about the various ethers since the early days of CompuServe and brick like mobile phones. If it’s by Morphaniel, it’s by me…
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