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Back at work after chock full weekend!

August 10, 2009
Saturday morning saw us up bright and early to set out for Workington on a boiled egg. We arrived for Al’s wedding at St Michael’s Church no thanks to Martin who had advised us it was St Matthews! Al was safely married off to Gayle and then we all trogged off to Armathwaite Hall to avail ourselves of his hospitality, food and wine – all of which were excellent (thanks Al and Mrs Al!).

The weather being superb, we sat outside waiting for the evening to arrive and then hit the gambling tables (briefly in my case, more profitably for Fi…). The Armathwaite evening do was not up to the same standard as the reception – the hotel letting itself down in several ways, I feel, and perhaps they have overreached themselves by adding the new leisure suite. A great shame, but they are struck off my own list (not that I have asked, yet, guys… thanks for checking!)

Sunday found us at the Castle Inn (hmmm… but then there’s the Pheasant Inn… still not asked, guys, thanks for checking!) – myself having persuaded Fi to make the short walk in her finery late last night. It was drizzling so we got to Whitehaven and headed into the Rum Story, which remains impressive on my 3rd-and-a-halfth visit and was made more so when we emerged into the courtyard practically on top of Jean-Cristophe Novelli who was spreading his charm around the waitresses like warm sunshine. After a rum coffee we than stepped outside into the festival and J-C had obviously upped the wattage as the rest of the day was sunny and warm, tending to the actually hot.


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