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What I Go to School For – Busted

March 23, 2011

Loads of songs make me happy. I enjoy listening to songs, so you’d expect that but it makes it very difficult to pick the song that makes me happy.

If I take a few shavings from around the edges of the list (ruling out songs associated with happy times, happy places, people I love etc) I’m still left with a large body of work that just makes me happy on it’s own.

It’s tempting to pick a song that makes me laugh. On the grounds that poetry is singing without music, this brings in material by the likes of Les Barker, though this is a rich seam and the funniest recording I’ve ever heard is ‘The Bricklayer’s Lament‘ by Gerard Hoffnung. A song it’s not – a digression it certainly is!

So back to songs. A song that makes me happy in and of itself. It’s still a random choice but 10 minutes of writing stream of consciousness blog roll has allowed the left side (right side?) of my brain to free wheel through my song catalogue and it’s turned up Busted. And I’m smiling already.

Their Wikipedia page is great. From sentences that grab you by the balls (Meet Busted: They’re Going to Be Bigger Than Rik Waller!) to deep and meaningful critique (Their second album has some “harder, Good Charlotte type vibes coming through”) to talk of dark and dirty goings-on (“I wish Matt and James all the best with their future projects but I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no interest what-so-ever in re-joining Busted and I never will.”).

It even makes me happy just dropping Busted into conversations with Louis. Hey man! At least they’re not McFly!

So Busted. And the song has to be ‘What I go to School For’. It has that anti-establishment lyric beloved of tousle-haired ex public schoolboy songwriters everywhere and it has a killer tune with some great guitar riffs. Best of all, Miss McKenzie, the main object of lust, pops up again in ‘Loser Kid’, the final song on the same album, meaning there is a story arc and surely making it one of the most unlikely concept albums ever.

Mind you, McFly still have time…


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