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Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Junior

June 1, 2011

Life is harsh and never harsher than to global megahits!

Picking a song I used to ‘love’ but now ‘hate’ is incredibly difficult. One imagines having a kind of mid life crisis (“I used to be into hard trance but now only follow Beethoven…”) but that’s not me and the vast majority of my music collection is still entirely listenable to with pleasure. Oh, there’s some early Madonna that’s a bit boring now, there’s some stuff on albums I bought for a hit only to find the rest of the album didn’t measure up and there’s some cheesy stuff that was never intended to have a long life but, really, from ‘love’ to ‘hate’?

So to ‘Ghostbusters’… it’s a musical style I’ve never been into much and which didn’t escape often from America (I note Wikipedia namechecks Huey Lewis and the News in the RPJ write up and I can see the connection). At the time of release, I enjoyed it as much as the next person: it was easy to sing – or shout – along to and bouncy and amusing. Apart from the film it launched the ultimate Commodore 64 game at the time, making us Sinclair Spectrum owners green with envy as the ‘proper’ sound system on the C64 showed up our beepy speaker for the poor thing it was.

Roll on thirty years and when it gets played now it simply sounds very dated. It’s really not fair to ‘hate’ it – and I don’t, I guess. But those global megahits have to have legs or they just crash and burn…

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